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The Creative Wellbeing Library

flow from frazzled to flourishing in our nurturing Creative Wellbeing Library

flow from frazzled to flourishing


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Welcome, welcome! You are warmly invited to enter the Creative Wellbeing Library
~ a space where creativity, healing and connection weave together a rich tapestry of self-discovery
~ a place to create, unwind and nourish your sense of wellbeing ... in your own time

Imagine stepping into a sanctuary where all the shelves are lined with resources dedicated to nurturing your mind, body and soul ... here, in the Creative Wellbeing Library, you will open the doors to an abundance of offerings, which include


immerse yourself in our monthly creative sessions on Zoom, free to all Library members 


explore our virtual bookshelves, home to restorative Creative Pauses, enlightening Creative Possibilities & digital resources


engage with fellow colourful spirits in an online group space, where sacred connection flourish and bloom 24/7

supported and guided by Callie Di Nello,
Creative Librarian, therapist & coach

You, dear seeker, possess qualities that make you magnificently remarkable. You are wise, resourceful, kind and compassionate.

You understand the importance of self-nurture, and have built a solid foundation of practices over the years.

Yet, as life's whirlwind spins around you, lifting you up, down and around ... you wonder if there's a simpler, more accessible way to scratch that self-help itch.

And you also wonder if there are other colourful spirits out there in this vast universe, traversing their own unique path, searching for ways to explore their inner and outer worlds creatively.

Is there a community out there that embraces individuality? Easing moments of loneliness, of feeling misunderstood, of being different, of not being good enough, of anxiety & muddled thoughts.

Is there somewhere out there that offers you a space to belong ... and that offers you a sense of FUN?!

You, dear seeker, hold the key to your own growth and transformation. You know this to be true. It sings its song to you from every pore, every cell, of your body.

Are you ready to explore the depths of your creative spirit, to invite in a sense of wonder and playfullness?

Are you ready to embrace a sense of whole-self wellbeing?

Are you ready to flex your creative muscles - even if you are pretty sure you have not one single creative bone in your body?

Are you ready to embark on a remarkable journey of self-discovery, healing and connection?  Are you ready to let go of limiting beliefs, and rewrite your story on glorious canvases of all dimensions?

Join the Creative Wellbeing Library and rediscover who you truly are. Armed only with colouring pens, paper, your brain and your heart, unfurl your inner creative spirit and fill your heart with joy.

An old-fashioned library reimagined for our modern-day times, the Creative Wellbeing Library is an online experiential library dedicated to creative art-based projects and prompts for self-discovery.

Do you remember how going to the local library would be a big adventure, spending ages wandering amongst the towering bookshelves?

Looking for something to catch our eye; a book cover or title to draw us in, inviting us to spend time within its pages while we put aside our day-to-day life, with all its worries, cares and commitments.

So we checked out our book and borrowed it for a while, before returning it to the shelves and moving on to the next ...

The Creative Wellbeing Library is just like that - except its an online library with its online shelves holding creative pauses and creative possibilities. Designed to nurture your creative spirit, your mental and physical wellbeing, all the while providing you with a fun set of self-coaching tools to borrow, over and over again.

The library shelves are filling up with inspiration and magic, inviting YOU to play, to open up whatever catches your eye and allow the deep inner work to unfold, fulfilling your deep need for space to be you - really you.

The Library, itself, has been created to become a community space for colourful kindred souls, with opportunities to join our LIVE experiential sessions online (90 minutes of creative joy and exploration), impromptu gatherings and so much more ... and its open 24/7, so you can wander the library aisles anytime you like.

... when you join the Creative Wellbeing Library,
you will instantly receive access to an evergrowing creative arts & mindful arts library
AND you don't need to have a creative bone in your body to reap the benefits!







Creative and mindful arts are a gentle, nurturing and insightful way to help boost your whole-self wellbeing (mental wellbeing, spiritual wellbeing and physical wellbeing), gifting you a way to express yourself in your own way, without needing to find the right words.

Creative and mindful arts are also a wonderful way to lift feelings of loneliness and isolation: our LIVE sessions are offered online via Zoom, so those who may be housebound, or find it difficult, uncomfortable or geographically impossible to attend in-person sessions are included.

Callie Di Nello

Creative transformation coach, healer, hypnotherapist & teacher

Hello! I'm Callie, and I am CreaTEAvity Studio's resident Creative Librarian. Passionate about helping people - just like you - reconnect to their resilient, brilliant true self through the healing power of therapeutic creative play.

Working online with clients as a coach since 2011 as an ARTbundance Creativity Coach, I am also a Practitioner member of APCCA, a Mindful Arts & Meditation Teacher and trainee psychotherapist registered with UKCP.

Other snippets you might like to know about me:
a devout lifelong learner; 4/6 Alchemist in Quantum Human Design; mixed media messes & textile art are my favourite ways to unwind; my #1 self-soothing activity - aside from reading books and eating dark chocolate - is slowsewing, i.e. hand-sewing odds and ends of fabric for no other reason than I LOVE it.

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- you will receive an email straight away to confirm your Library membership, with more information. Please keep this as a handy reference

- browse the Library contents at your leisure: you may like to begin with the Welcome section

- of course, you are free to cancel your Library membership at any time ('tho I'd be very saddened to see you leave)

📨 If you'd like an invitation to join us as a Founder member ...
~ send me an email (click here) ~ 

you join the Library

join the Creative Wellbeing Library as a member, and a kaleidoscope of creative and mindful art possibilities await you

get your ticket for the next LIVE session

for free! your special membership code is nestled in the WELCOME section of your Library

take time for Creative Pauses

accept our invitation to pause for a moment with a Creative Pause: a micro-prompt offering you space to breathe & re-align

play with Creative Possibilities

each month's LIVE session will offer you a NEW 90-minute Creative Possibility mini-project to begin playing with

enjoy new creative connections

gather together with colourful, wise and fascinating kindred spirits online, in a safe space dedicated to blossoming

discover the surprise benefits of your Library membership

impromptu sharings, lives, themed activities and prompts will unfold over the course of each year - and thank-you discounts!

"Callie has a really calm, reassuring presence. Working with her has really increased my confidence and inspired me to work more creatively."
"Absolutely fantastic, affordable and accessible ..."
"I was feeling lost, hopeless, confused and frustrated ... you brought me back to a vision of freedom and enthusiasm, and filled my heart and mind with promise, hope and motivation ... and ACTION!"

your Creative Wellness Library looks like this
(PS It's brand new!)

In the beginning, I highly recommend you have these materials: a journal for your thoughts and reflections, plain paper sheets or a cheap art sketchbook (I love Seawhite of Brighton sketchbooks), a pen, a pencil, colouring pens, a glue stick, scissors and a stash of magazines for collage materials.

As you begin working with creative and mindful arts, you might like to explore working with other materials. I am sure your creative spirit friends in the community hub will share their favourites: I like to work with oil pastels and gouache, but also have acrylic paints for when I really want to get messy.

I will be creating a welcome video - in the Welcome section - that will walk you through the Library. I hope this will be helpful. Otherwise, I'm always very happy to hop on to a Zoom call with you and do it 1:1 - just let me know :)

Our Creative Community Hub on Discord is nice and private: please email me and I'll send you an invite code that will valid from 7 days of sending to you. Please register using a name that will be recognisable to me, so I can let you in :)

As a Library member, you are able to join our monthly LIVE sessions for free. You can find this code in the Welcome section of the Library; look for the Booking Your Session section, the code is in there. The code may change at times, to keep security fresh.

Please kindly note you will need to be logged in to your CreaTEAvity Studio account at all times, in order to be able to access your Library resources.

No. As long as you keep your Founder membership subscription active, you will always pay the original monthly sign-up amount of £11 each month! If, however, it lapses then you will need to rejoin at whatever the current membership fee is set at. 

Unfortunately this is not possible, as it is just me, myself and I working in CreaTEAvity Studio at present; it takes a lot of time to process monthly payments, hence me choosing to offer monthly subscriptions for the Library. You are always most welcome to stop your subscription at any time, with no notice period - please let me know if I can be of any help.

No. All the Creative Pauses and Creative Possibilities materials are stored online, for you to access through the Library pages.

Creative Possibilities are the LIVE sessions, and a new session will be offered each month. These will then be added to the Creative Possibilities library (and archive, for ease of locating). In the early months of the Library I will share a few more for you to play with, which won't be recorded live but by me, in the Studio.

flow from frazzled to flourishing
in the Creative Wellbeing Library
~ a space where creativity, healing and connection weave together a rich tapestry of self-discovery
~ a place where you get to create, unwind and nourish your sense of wellbeing, in your own time

📨 If you'd like an invitation to join us when we open the doors
 ~ send me an email (click here) ~