UNFURLING sessions: 1:1 therapeutic art life coaching

therapeutic art coaching sessions

Rediscover yourself with UNFURLING 
... therapeutic art coaching sessions 

🌟 Life spent adulting can be so complex and overwhelming, and oftentimes we find ourselves lost: who are we? what are we? what’s our purpose in life?  

If this sounds like something you’re experiencing at the moment, then I warmly invite you to gift yourself some time in our UNFURLING sessions ~ designed to be a a serene, safe haven to navigate through challenges where you and your creative spirit, your inner child, will open up possibilities, insights and creative solutions, almost as if by magic.  

🤔 Gift yourself time to press pause
If you have ever found yourself yearning to press pause amidst life's chaos, then here's your moment. We specialise in unravelling complexities within a fun yet cozy, judgment-free environment.

💪 Nourish your creative spirit
Our approach is calm, gentle yet effective. With a fabulous treasure-box of tools, we can work together to delve into what truly matters to you, and empower you for future adventures.  

🖌️ Accessible therapeutic art and creative mark making
No need to worry about artistic skills - truly! Our approach works for everyone, irrespective of your personal opinion of your artistic talent. Our focus is all about the journey, not creating a masterpiece (‘tho inadvertently, you will be creating a masterpiece - your life!).  

🎨 Your session, your terms
Come as you are for each session, and we’ll work with whatever you need that day. If you wish to work with creative tools in that session, that’s perfect. Or if you feel more drawn to working in other ways - such as talking things out, journalling, or playing with clay (for example), that’s equally perfect, too.  

So …. are you ready to gift yourself permission to unfurl, and explore the wonders that are deep within you?

Things my clients & I have been working on recently ...

~ business transformations (their own)
~ body acceptance
 ~ cancer survivorship
~ chronic health issues
~ confidence & self-esteem
~ life changes
~ relationships
~ spiritual reflections 

What happens in Unfurling sessions?

✩ Each of your Unfurling sessions offer 90 minutes of pure YOU-time. Focusing on whatever it is you want to work with - or on

✩ Every session will be guided by how you wish to work: some sessions you may find yourself being particularly chatty, some sessions you may find yourself drawn to working creatively

✩ Working in dedicated chunks of time really helps you to focus: it gives us plenty of time to do lots of deep work, without leaving you feeling exhausted. (By the way: most coaches and therapists only offer timings of "therapeutic hours" - 50 minutes per session)

✩ Inbetwixt sessions, depending on what you are working on, I may share with you simple creative exercises. These will enhance the work you have been doing in your most recent sessions: they will help you to unfurl in your own time, in your own space

✩ As an integrative therapist, healer and coach, I like to work from a person-centred perspective: Unfurling sessions offer you a safe space to unravel and decode what comes up. I will support you in an ever-shifting way, for whatever you need at that precise moment in time

✩ "Person-centred" - sessions are centred on you and your needs, not following a set therapeutic coaching format. So this means we can be flexible, go with the flow ... all while still retaining a sense of direction, while bunny-hopping towards clarity

✩ It also means that you will get 90 minutes of time where you can do, say, be, whatever you want to be. How often do we EVER get that kind of time where we can just be ourselves?!  It's a true gift ... and one that you so deserve to gift yourself

So now the only question is ... when shall we begin?!

Oh! and something I forgot to mention ... when we're working together and you truly get to experience those feelings of empathic understanding, of congruence, and of unconditional positive regard, this ... wow, THIS is when the magic will happen.

And when these feelings (these 'conditions') are in place, every single one of us is able to reach our fullest potential (something in the therapy world known as 'self-actualisation') and live a life where we can be our true selves, letting our colours shine bright with confidence and integrity. That's my biggest wish for you.

:: Congruence - someone being transparent and honest about how they experience you, and your world
:: Empathic understanding - the experience of someone sees your point of view, from your perspective
:: Unconditional positive regard - someone accepting you, and valuing you, for who you truly are

By the way: there may be elements of hypnosis (I'm a hypnotherapist) and creative/mindful art making appearing in our sessions, as well as some transformation coaching: but I will always be guided by you and your preferences. Creative and mindful art is very different to traditional "art therapy", where mark-making pieces and creations are analysed, assessed and interpreted.  I don't do any of that ... instead, I help you to uncover the meanings for yourself, at your own pace.

You hold the power - always (blog post)

"You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul."
-George Bernard Shaw

A few examples of images and mark-making created during Creative Arts sessions



4 x 90 minute (1.5 hour) sessions



12 x 90 minute (1.5 hour) sessions


I would be delighted to answer any questions you may have,
or put your mind at ease ... click on the button above to schedule
a 20-minute 'Cuppa with Callie' Zoom session, online

IMPORTANT: If you are located outside of the UK, please email me before booking sessions:
there are insurance restrictions on my working with clients in specific countries

... ... ...

Packages are paid in advance, and must be used within 12 months of purchase. Terms and conditions apply

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Please do get in touch if financial aspects are a barrier to you getting the support you need: I am here to help wherever I can

Things to bring to your sessions 
~ a pen/pencil and paper, anything you wish to share in that session

Other items you may like to use - if they are to hand:
- a notebook (for journalling or recording your thoughts)
- coloured pens pencils, crayons or chalk
- scissors
- glue for collage work (Prittstick, ModPodge, PVA, etc.),
- modelling clay, or any other material you like to work with
- a folder to keep ephemera in for future projects

In other words, raid the children’s art areas in low-cost stores! Over time, you may find yourself building up a box filled with buttons, fabrics, collage pictures from magazines, photographs, ribbon, string, leaves … all kinds of lovely things that make you feel happy, or fill you with curiosity.

You do not need a huge array of supplies (unless you wish to treat yourself): any art materials from Poundstretcher or supermarkets will work great!

If we are working 1:1 in person, you will be provided with all kinds of materials to choose from.

As a therapeutic arts transformation coach, hypnotherapist and creative arts/mindful arts practitioner offering online sessions since 2010,
please know that you will be in safe hands - whether we meet in person, at my SW London studio, or on Zoom

Formal therapeutic training and certification
APPCA Person-Centred Creative Arts Practitioner
ARTbundance Coach & Practitioner
BFA Focusing
Mindful Arts & Meditation Teacher (IMMA-certified)
NCHP Hypnopsychotherapy**

* personalised mini art kits (with other goodies) are available for posting to UK mainland addresses only.

Please contact me if you are outside of the UK mainland.

**training still in progress: registered UKCP trainee member

"Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens."

-Carl Jung

The lotus blossom is the perfect symbol of UNFURLING sessions: lotus blossoms rise each morning from muddy waters, unfurling their sparklingly clean petals. A gentle reminder that we, too, can rise up from the mud of life and unfold in ways we might not - yet - believe possible.

*NHS staff and Armed Forces personnel 
I would be honoured to offer you a 30% discount off all UNFURLING and UNFURLING+ sessions. Please email me - thank you for all that you do (from a serving British Army Officer's mum.)