let your true colours shine bright
with the healing power of creative play

CreaTEAvity Studio is your sanctuary
a space to nourish your bloom-ing marvellous, gloriously-imperfect self

We offer creative/mindful therapeutic art sessions (1:1 and group) and healing retreats

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Receive an intuitive oracle card reading, a nurturing way of tapping into your own inner wisdom and receiving insightful messages and offering you a gentle perspective refresh.

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I design vibrant creative workshops that will appeal to your inner child, prioritising the use of upcycled/recycled materials and found treasures. These workshop experiences are offered both in-person and online.

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Gift yourself time and space away from the demands of daily life. CreaTEAvity's retreats, offered both in-person and online, will help you fully embrace your own enchanting abilities and empower you to step into your magical potential.

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Our Unfurling sessions are a unique fusion of creative arts, hypnotherapy, transformation coaching, and spirituality to efficiently uncover and explore your issues ... all with a kind, empowering, and inspiring approach.

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Discover the art of creative wellbeing with Callie Di Nello
~ a way to unfurl & fly free from our gilded cages

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Hello *wave* it's lovely to see you here!

I’m Callie Di Nello - Storyweaver, Coach, Playologist and Founder of CreaTEAvity Studio  

During my ARTbundance Coach & Practitioner training in 2010, I realised there was a real need for a platform to share the beauty of the creative process and how it can serve as a tool for healing. That's when I founded CreaTEAvity Studio, to showcase the magic of reconnecting with our inner child and finding balance amidst the chaos of life. Of how we can find a sense of balance, even when life is whirling ever faster around us.  

Immediately after graduating, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, which led me on a journey of deeper exploration of art as therapy. Sharing my passion for the creative process on CreaTEAvity Studio's pages has inspired and assisted many people in discovering their own healing path, helping them to shine a light on their own fantastical discoveries.

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A gift for you ...

Unleash the power of old books and magazines as a simple but effective oracle with this creative playbook.

Discover how to craft your personalized Altered Book Oracle and receive a one-of-a-kind synchronous message or answer to your queries.

You may download your gift here ... Altered Book Oracle

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"Absolutely fantastic, affordable and accessible workshops.
Callie is truly a gifted, compassionate and highly professional facilitator."
-NH, August 2022  

"Callie has a warmth and gentleness which immediately sets you at ease.
The prompt (she gave me) was fascinating and I was really surprised by what came up for me during the session. I really didn’t expect to cry. It was such a valuable session."
 -KB, March 2021

"Callie IS my fairy godmother. She has reignited the spark within me to help me be all that I can be and take my business to the next level. Using her whimsical touch I have been reminded that work IS play and I now have a vivid vision of what I can achieve. I feel like I have been in a slumber for so long and she has awoken me and given me the get up and go I need to fulfil my goals".
 -AGP, June 2013

Online + SW London, UK (retreats around the globe)

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CreaTEAvity Studio business hours
Tuesdays from 12noon-5.30pm / 7.30pm-9pm
Thursdays from 12noon-5.30pm / 7pm-9pm
Fridays from 12noon-3.30pm

✩ feel free to check Callie's online diary and book an appointment
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"Play can become a doorway to a new self, one much more in tune with the world.
Because play is all about trying on new behaviours and thoughts, it frees us from established patterns."

- Dr Stuart Brown

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