About Callie

Hello! I’m Callie - thank you for popping by to find out a little more about me.  

I help people - just like you - to reconnect with their brilliant, resilient true selves, and enjoy a more confident, connected, and fulfilling life.

I am a qualified integrative creative arts practitioner, healer, hypnotherapist and transformation coach, and have worked online and in-person since 2010.  

I love playing with messy mixed media, acrylic and watercolour paints, and repurposing vintage fabrics in all kinds of ways.

I drink far too much tea: Betty's Tea Room blend, Yorkshire Tea, Tetley's Masala Chai from India, and fresh peppermint leaf tea are usually stars of the show.

My favourite colour is cobalt blue. That said, I am nursing a current obsession with yellow!

I love to journal - journal writing & art journalling. And I adore historical novels and science fiction books. I read waaaaay too many text books and mind-body-spirit books.

I’ve always had ‘one of those faces’ - where strangers tell me their life story within seconds of usmeeting. Which turns out to be quite useful in my chosen profession ...

My turning point, career-wise, came during my own cancer treatment in 2011: art therapy classes quite literally saved my life.

So when I say that I understand what it’s like to feel lost, with no real sense of purpose in life, please believe me.

I know what it's like, struggling to learn how to feel safe enough to be “Me.” And I know what its like to be given a terrifying diagnosis (and poor prognosis) and, years later, deal with very real survivorship fears alone.

To overcome survivor guilt. To act as supporter/carer while reliving traumas surrounding our own treatment.

To learn that self-care is not selfish: we deserve to have our needs met, to look after our emotions and our physical bodies,

I can clearly remember what its like to feel so overwhelmed that even getting dressed is too much to deal with.

And how hard it can be to stumble along the uneven path towards accepting and loving ourselves with all our flaws, learning how to love our bodies and discover food and body ease.

Unravelling lives, emotions, feelings, is a complex business: you are unique, and that deserves a unique approach in empowering you to develop your creative resilience and playfulness - in life, and in business.  

I set up my practice to help you work through your own unique wants, needs and issues, all the while teaching you fabulous skills to make you feel in control - and take the reins of your life, and destiny. 

Callie Di Nello

 "I am passionate about using the power of compassion and kindfulness to change our inner and outer world, and am a dedicated cancer and mental health advocate."

my spirit animal

Chief Security Officer

We're not big on titles at CreaTEAvity Studio ... Siena's main role is Chief Officer of Joy, but she also moonlights as Chief Security Officer

Siena works alongside me in Mobilates as Director of Restful Wellbeing Activities


anxiety ~ body acceptance ~ cancer survivorship ~ chronic health issues and chronic pain ~ confidence and self-esteem ~ existential issues - inner child work - menopause

Working together ...

we can nurture seedlings ... and see them grow and flourish into a confident, connected and fulfilling life  

* you will find me approachable, compassionate, insightful, and non-judgmental ... and honest

* your deeply powerful, emotional work together happens in a safe, secure and compassionate space where you get to reveal, redefine, reshape and create a life that you deserve

* weaving creative arts/expressive arts into the therapeutic mix is a gentle, yet efficient key to unlock hidden issues in a fun, highly experiential way

* online therapy gives you a fantastic opportunity to access personalised support from the comfort of your own home … so why not choose to work with an integrated therapist who embraces that way of working? I really enjoy working online and have worked this way since 2010, offering transformation coaching and expressive art sessions.

* I have a unique perspective and level of empathy which you may find comforting - arising from of having a lifetime of lived experience of cancer, mental and physical health challenges, which is impossible to learn from books or universities.

To get the results you want takes time, space, dedication and care - from you and me.

So I wonder ... are you ready to take control and shape your life to be exactly how you want it to be?

Professional Qualifications
- APPCA Creative Arts Practitioner
- ARTbundance Creativity Coach & Practitioner
- Chakra Dancing (Fitness) Teacher

- EDIT (Eating Disorder Intuitive Eating)*
- Emotions Mentor
- Focusing

- Hypnotherapy*
- Hypnopsychotherapy*
- Laughter Yoga Teacher (CLYT)

- Mental Health First Aider (MHFA England)
- Mindful Art & Meditation Teacher
- Mindscaping 

- Nutriri Facilitator & Hypnotherapist
- Psychology - Certificate of Higher Education (Open University)

- PTLLS Adult Education
- Resilience Practitioner*

I have 30+ years of training across a range of modalities; those listed above are the most pertinent to my role as an integrative creative arts practitioner and hypnotherapist.

certifications in progress

Psychotherapeutic Methods
These methods dovetail with my personal beliefs and practices: 
- Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT)
- Focusing

- Gestalt
- Person-Centered Creative Arts

Professional Affiliations
- APCCA Practitioner
- UKCP Trainee Psychotherapist