Play is the refuge from ordinary life, a sanctuary of the mind … play always has a sacred space
— Diane Ackerman

Hello YOU! Come on in ... quick, quick! We have something to share with you ...

*whisper* We have a dream. A big dream. A big, bold, braveheart dream no less!

Our dream is to rekindle the lost art of play in grown-ups. 

Yes, indeedy! We are on a mission to inject laughter and artfully-creative play into this goal-driven, materialistic world. And we need YOU to join us, to create gloriously-playfull messes that magically create clarity + shift any ‘sticky-stuckness'.

We've been waiting for you to visit ... waiting for you to be ready to transform your world (inside and out). To gift yourself permission to play.

Ah-ha! You feel that little flicker of recognition?! Maybe you are feeling a little bit out-of-sorts, a teensy bit stuck or trapped? We know, we know ... we understand. Come take our friendly hand + together, we’ll pull you free from that sticky-stuckness swirling pool and introduce you to wonders of play. That bit of you that needs releasing, to be free to be really, truly, honestly you. All of you.

Get ready to transform your life with creative play!

CreaTEAvity specialises in highly-experiential playshops, retreats + creative coaching: whatever your sticky-stuckness - be it work/life balance, health, confidence, relationships, business, spirituality - our inspiring tools + immersive, fun techniques will get things moving for you. Fast!

All you need is an open heart + a willingness to unlock the key … so are you feeling curious about us? Intrigued? Oh we doooo hope so! Come on, come closer ... find out more by

~ browsing our play pages + playdates + stories ~

making a date with Callie for a *Tea ‘natter-time ~

~ joining our free CreaTEAvity Circle ~

… and we know you are thinking: what the heck does TEA have to do with anything? Oh! It was EVERYTHING to do with the spirit of play, dear reader! Making a cup of tea, sitting quietly and sipping that cup of tea conjures up feelings of security, of white space to breathe, of permission to take time to nourish and replenish our dear Self. That is what we offer you in Every. Single. Thing. We do!

*TEA ‘natter Have you ever wondered what CreaTEAvity does, or what makes Callie tick? Our Tea 'natter calls gift us a fantastic opportunity to get to know each other over the phone or by Skype. Refreshingly honest, there is no secret agenda: we just LOVE to connect with lovely new people - yes, you! - and have a chat over a cup of tea. Curious? Then don't be any longer ... check your diary and see which date + time fits you best!

Notes of Appreciation (testimonials)

Meet Callie

Callie Carling CreaTEAvity

Callie Carling, CLYT
Play Facilitator | Trainer | Laughter Yoga Teacher    ARTbundance™ Creativity Coach

Additional snippets about me:

  • ENFP personality type
  • Star + Blaze (Talent Dynamics + Genius profiling)
  • Connector-Enabler : check out Hub Dot + WOBS
  • Skip-per (Creative manifestation type)
  • instructor (writing + journaling)
  • Young Triple Negative breast cancer survivor + passionate advocate of the NHS, England
  • Proud mamma of a very handsome NCO in the Household Cavalry, Blues & Royals

Hello! I’m Callie! It’s lovely to meet you.

Spirited playfull story-catching is my gift. Teaching others the art of playfulness - in business, in life - is my craft.

I have the world’s best job: I get to empower, educate + inspire people just like you. By playing. I know!!!! How cool is that?

Sharing the lost art of play, I get to create magnificent-messes, amazing-art + joyful-journals along with a breezy dose of laughter, gibberish + movement: all in the name of ‘work’. And all this is done with plentiful cups of tea. Always. {You don't drink tea? Oh, that's ok - you can still come play!}

I lead a hard life, hey?! But seriously: the joy of re-introducing people to the power of creative play is immense. To see people bloom: greater confidence, self-expression, self-acceptance and joyfull freedom. Less stress + less conflict, inside-and-out. Beautiful!

Passionate about creativity in all its expressions, I love to journal, paint, sew + all kinds of stuff. Crochet and knitting are my nemesis. I'm no artist but I have had artwork published in a book … yes, indeedy, it’s true! 

Yes. Back to tea. I LOVE tea. Especially Yorkshire Tea and Pukka Teas! I adore decadent afternoon teas, where we can socialise and have fun over tea and cake. Keep a lookout for our ARTea Afternoon Teas … 

Find out more about my qualifications, work history + training below ...

ATCs For All : Moonpoppy ~ Cut Out + Keep ~ SwapBot ~


Training, Mentoring + more ...

PTLLS (Adult Education) Certificate

Talent Dynamics Flow Consultant

Applications of Ethical Marketing

CIPD Certificate in Personnel Practice

Train the Trainer

ARTbundance Coach   + Practitioner

Creating Time Facilitator

Permission Spoons Facilitator

Art of Being Still  Trainer + Facilitator

Corporate history

Media / PR Coordinator

VA + Social Media Trainer

Paralegal (IP)

HR + Training Coordinator

Education + Training Officer

Executive PA


Laughter Yoga Teacher (CLYT)

Gibberish Facilitator

NLP Practitioner

CBT + Mindfulness Practitioner

Alchemical Chocolate Practitioner

Integrated Therapist

Healing Practitioner - Reyad Sekh Em (Level II)

AromaTouch Treatment

ITEC Holistic Massage, ITEC Anatomy +Physiology, Facial Rejuvenation / Indian Face Lift Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Natural Beauty Facials

ARTbundance Mentor Mentor  (Writing)

Volunteer PR Officer   VOICE (St George's)

BSc (Hons) Psychology  (student)


With gratitude and appreciation to @TeddyNello for permission to use his photography on CreaTEAvity. With gratitude and appreciation to the photographers at Pixabay, RGBstock,, Stokpic + Unsplash for various images used under Creative Commons License herein. With gratitude and appreciation to OctopusArtis for permission to use the watercolour splash placed behind CreaTEAvity's name.